Hi everyone!
This social enterprise has been founded by me - Rukaiya.​
I launched Sight Ceramics in 2019 because of my combined passion for eyes, global health, art and design. I immediately fell in love with the tactile art medium of ceramics after my very first wheel-throwing pottery course in 2018.

The idea of Sight Ceramics was shaped by my experience of volunteering as a Teachers Assistant at The Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC) in 2010. Here, I saw the difference RIDBC make in the lives of visually impaired children and the importance of textures for these children in understanding the world around them. One particular moment that inspired me was when I was sitting beside a visually and hearing impaired six year old boy who was reading a picture book filled with different textures and the pure joy on his face as he read the book.

Hence, every handmade textured ceramic piece created by me is a reminder of the various ways to connect with our world and appreciate the beauty around us.  

Thank you 

There are many aspects to the process of running this social enterprise and creating handmade ceramics. From designing the logo, creating this website, designing ceramic artworks, wheel-throwing ceramics, glazing, multiple kiln firing, photography, typography, gift wrapping, packaging and postage. I enjoy each of these creative tasks and am grateful for every artistic moment of inspiration throughout my journey as a ceramicist.
So thank you to each and every customer for supporting Sight Ceramics.

As well as some special thanks to each of the following people:

  • My family & close friends - for their constant support always
  • Komal - for that cup of tea & breakfast by the river in Melbourne where this idea came to life
  • Isra - for your help with the website and all your tech-savvy-ness  
  • Natalie - for your amazing skills in adobe illustrator providing the final edits to my logo 
  • Azal - for your great tips in starting up a social enterprise